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Boohoo — Exclusive 50% Discount

50% of everything. Yes. Everything! You’re gonna look like you spent wayyyy more than you did on those new outfits.  

Spotify — Premium & More for Only $4.99

Get Spotify Premium plus Hulu and SHOWTIME, and pay only $4.99/month! Play any song from Spotify’s catalog…offline and ad-free.  

Fabletics — 75% VIP Discount

Leggings are leggings, right? Nope! Fabletics’ are fun and flattering, and the quality can’t be beat. Now you can get 2 pairs for only $24!    


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    Colourpop — $6 Off $10 or More

    Check out their new Disney collections! Definitely the most grown-up Disney Princesses you’ve seen. Get $6 off any purchase of $10 or more with code PERKS6.

    Modcloth – Free Shipping, Returns, Plus a Sale

    Modcloth wants you to have all the cuteness and styles they bring with free shipping, free returns, and our link with their best sale.

    Redshelf – Save up to 80% on Textbooks

    Print textbooks are so yesterday. They are bulky, expensive, and just not  eco-friendly. Redshelf helps you do it better. They offer dynamic digital versions of most textbooks. They’re up to 80% cheaper than print, your cloud-based book will always be at your fingertips when you want it, and the interactive extras will help you nail the A.

    Lululemon – Free Shipping, Free Returns

    Let’s be honest…all other work-out clothes want to be Lululemon when they grow up. We snagged free shipping and returns just for you!

    Smilelove — $300-Off Student Discount

    The perfect smile you’ve always wanted for way less. Even better? No visits to the dentist! Even even better? $300 off with code PERKS500.  

    Walmart — Free 2-day Shipping

    Order anything you want, anytime, and get free 2-day shipping. Groceries, beauty products…cleaning supplies…all delivered fast and free!


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